The Links:

To get access to the 3D section there, you need to make 20 posts and get 50 points of reputation. Talk in the forum, and learn how the place works. Lolicit is not a website you can just enter and leech away, which is why so many 3D artists hangs out there. Some people hate the system and others appreciate it. But in any case, you need to have patience to get access to the image archives.

You need to have made 5 posts and tick off the 3D option.

Here you just need to make an account. But do not enter that site without a good ad blocker, as this place is infested with harmful virus carrying ads.

The biggest problem here is the language. Most of Pixiv has been translated, but there are still holes. And remember to turn off the R18 filter


Active artists are artists that has been active is some way the last year, this may not just be posting material. Where inactive artists are ones that has not.

Lost are artists that seems to have vanished permanently.


Tags are an indication of what direction the artists work goes and what tool he are using.

Daz/Poser - Since the majority of Poser related programs are hard to tell apart on the work alone, these have been stacked together.
Daz3D, Poser, Blender, XNAlara.

SFM - Source Film Maker.

MMD - Miku Miku Dance

Commercial - This are artist that mainly release products for sale. Game poser - Games used to pose scenes.
Various Illusion games, TK17, various Bethesda games.